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Launched in 2011, as an SEO and advertising firm, data has always been the soul of WMT. Data remains a strategic advantage as we understand consumers, businesses and technology from a holistic viewpoint with 20+ individual products providing one of the most well-rounded viewpoints in the business.

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WMT has a collection of the most experienced sports marketing researchers and analysts in the world.

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Curated Insights

The right metrics, delivered at the right time, in the right medium to your stakeholders. We create decision support systems.

Fan & Marketing Insights

  • Fan journey, origin of favorite team, level of dedication as a fan
  • Fan demographics - age, gender, education, race, income, relationship status
  • Fan psychographics & sports media preferences
  • Specialized Modules - gaming & esports
  • Ticketing & email trends
  • Digital behaviors & trends
  • Sponsorship metrics - national & local performance, unaided recall, perception, sponsor resonance by sponsorship type
  • Merchandise purchase data
  • Fan surveying & sentiment
  • 80+ fan avidity levels & size

Organizational Insights

  • Budget & financial analysis, forecasting and scenario planning
  • Salary & market data analysis
  • Employee surveying & sentiment analysis
  • Executive-level analysis & reporting for a holistic view of the organization
  • NCAA benchmarking
  • Facilities & events
  • Compliance & governance
  • Team operations

Performance Insights

  • Athlete well-being
  • Surveying, sentiment analysis & alerting
  • GPS analysis
  • Comprehensive overall readiness
  • Health, wellness & injury analysis
  • Athlete enrichment events & support success
  • GPA, GSR, APR and academic performance

“The day we started working with WMT, we added a valuable member to our Hawkeye team. WMT immediately developed the trust of our department and enhanced our SEO and digital marketing to new levels. They genuinely care and make time to communicate with weekly reports. WMT develops customized plans, that generate unbelievable results.”

Kelsey Lavadiere
Kelsey Lavadiere

Assistant Athletic Director, Marketing Iowa Hawkeyes