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About the Partner

USA Basketball is a partnership that has grown over time. Initially a SEO and marketing services engagement, the USA Basketball enlisted WMT to build a custom website, donor website, mobile app and OTT app.

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“We needed someone who was very familiar with working in sports, and also a partner who could really help us on the tech side of things.”

Michael Terry

Director, Communications
Design & Development

USA Basketball is an intricate and uniquely complex organization with a myriad of national teams filled with athletes that can compete on multiple teams during their career.

When USA Basketball is successful, it grabs the entire sporting world's attention. WMT's design team created a platform that met that elite standing. A clean user experience was delivered to showcase the patriotic colors and bring to prominence the national teams and athletes.

The Partnership

WMT and USA Basketball forged a long-term partnership focused on efficiencies in story telling and content delivery, optionality around major moments and elevation of their digital brand.


USA Basketball has also seen a 25% increase in users and a doubling in the number of average page visits for users during a single visit. SEO has boosted USA Basketball’s organic search acquisitions (acquiring users without paid search or advertising) as well.

Responsive Design

Two challenges were presented in's historical data: (1) Delivering content and stats on a bi-annual or Olympic calendar and (2) in a format that is easily digestible for an international audience. WMT built responsive designs and normalized statistical feeds, allowing for Team USA to capture the attention of its massive audience during those major medal-winning moments.

Initial Results

In the first year of the partnership, has seen traffic increases thanks to an engineering emphasis on SEO to capture keyword traffic tied to Team USA and individual athletes like Kevin Durant and Angel Reese.

Capturing the organic SEO traffic when Team USA has the world's best players on their roster is a unique challenge built for WMT's SEO expertise. Lebron James is only on the Olympic Team for a handful of weeks every four years and during that time, WMT will deliver that audience to