WMT’s ‘The Six’ Brings Automated Game Recaps to College Athletics

WMT’s ‘The Six’ Brings Automated Game Recaps to College Athletics

WMT has developed an Open AI software called “The Six” to automatically generate game recaps in unique writing styles.

Why It Matters: Time is the most valuable resource and AI drives hyper-efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and creating more time for more strategic tactics. 

  • The Six can save as much as 25-30 hours per week for a department
  • Communications team can spend more time cultivating relationships and storytelling
  • Recaps will become more consistent within your program’s voice

How It Works: The Six uses Open AI and Chat GPT4 to create proprietary data graphs of over 10,000 historical box scores. These graphs allow for a software-based examination of current box scores that can be “translated” into either stats-focused recaps, story-based recaps, or a hybrid…all in about 2 minutes. 

With some intentional human guidance, athletic departments can take The Six a step further to mimic the style and tone of a fan base’s favorite longtime writer. 

Go Deeper: By effectively reviewing the generated recap and making small adjustments to the tone and style of a piece, The Six will pick up on the unique preferences of each athletic department, and begin to write more consistently in that style. The more often a department iterates in this process, the more custom and unique the recaps will become. 

What’s next? WMT is busy in the lab cooking up more AI influenced projects to be released over the next year. 

  • Historical archive
  • Social graphics generator
  • Autonomous media entity