2013 - Present

The GRIN Labs

Collaborative Membership Organization

About The GRIN

The GRIN is a nonprofit collaborative membership organization focusing on helping retailers expand their client reach into new out of country markets. GRIN offers a complete beginning to end solution for clients market expansion. With their online platform assisting with global compliance, payments and logistics GRIN has successfully expanded many retailers into new global markets.Even offering a getting started coaching program GRIN is driving by one main goal; to help cross-boarder retailers and vendor partners become leaders in their industries through collaboration and knowledge.

WMT partnered with The GRIN Labs to redesign and reinvent their website. We wanted to create a clear and concise site with a professional design to resonate with GRIN’s target market. Given the fact that GRIN’s ideal target is extremely specific it was a challenge for our team to come up with an out of the box idea to tackle their redesign. below shows the step by step process of WMT’s custom redesign campaign for The GRIN’s brand.



Lato Regular

Lato Bold

Lato Bold

Lato Black

Lato Black

Color Pallete

  • Summer Sky Blue
    HEX #2f4f91
  • Regal Blue
    HEX #ed7b08
  • Slate Gray
    HEX #4bc0e0
  • Slate Gray
    HEX #2c2832


In choosing the icons for The GRIN Labs we needed to remove the possibility of interoperation or ambiguity while still expressing the unique qualities that The GRIN brings to the table. By keeping each icon simple, bold and friendly we were able to communicate the core idea and intent of each service and product.  Each icon is visually distinct but also unified in concept.


Using illustrations is a great way to give personality to any website. The GRIN Labs wanted to achieve a unique voice, while still enhancing a user-friendly site design to captivate their global audience. Each illustration was carefully designed to create a theme that spoke to the unique feel our client was trying to achieve. WebME’s goal for the GRIN’s graphic design was to make sure their overall message was being conveyed properly by focusing on the finer details of the illustrations.

Understanding Global

Creating the right icons for The GRIN’s brand was an essential vehicle for communication an overall powerful brand for our client. Considering this is a global company choosing the right icons to speak to a world wide audience posed a new challenge.

Web Design

Having a mobile responsive website across all platforms is extremely important, this simple factor plays into the overall quality score of a website. Knowing this, our developers stated first with a mobile responsive site, then expanded to all the tablets and finally desktop computers. WebME wanted to create a clean, well organized site that had de capacity to handle high resolution images. Choose neutral, elegant and modern colors added to the overall feel of the site creating a calming user interface. Carefully creating this simple clean design gave the end user an easy to navigate, engaging experience.

UX Design and Development

Tailoring our site design and development to a global audience meant needing to make sure the UI (user interface) was friendly to all potential users. We created a platform for The GRIN’s clients to login and have access to an easy to understand site that displayed all the benefits The GRIN offers. The idea behind the platform design was to allow all of the GRIN’s clients to develop strong partnerships with their suppliers, learn and grow from other retailers and create a collaborative approach to global expansion.

I run a nonprofit that has a constant and chaotic flood of new web-based projects. Working with WebME is such an incredible experience. Even when we’re asking for the moon, the WMT Team finds a way to get it done beautifully and quickly. The ongoing support and availability of the WMT team is indispensable to our success!

Christina Kinney
Operations Manager
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