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Arkansas Razorbacks

University of Arkansas

About The University of Arkansas

Established in 1871 the University of Arkansas is the first public university in the state of Arkansas. With over 26,000 students and over 200 programs of study, UARK has been nationally recognized as a top-tier university is and classified as a highest research activity university, awarding at least 20 research doctorates a year. University of Arkansas is home to several championship winning athletic teams collectively known as the Razorbacks


About The Arkansas Razorbacks

The University of Arkansas has 19 teams competing at the highest level of NCAA competition in the SEC, arguably the nation’s elite athletic conference. That equates to more than 200 sporting events on campus every year and at least 200 opportunities to call the Hogs! Razorbacks don’t just represent the University of Arkansas – they are the pride of an entire state. Generations of students, alumni, fans, and entire families are all connected by their love of the Razorbacks.


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Color Pallete

  • Cardinal
    HEX #9b293e
  • Black
    HEX #FEB258
  • Anthracite
    HEX #6C3F21
  • Dark Steel Gray
    HEX #6C3F21


The team at the University of Arkansas designed fantastic PSDs that really resonate with the sports fan. Illustrations done on the ArkansasRazorbacks website were done with the intention to stand out and give the site a unique look, feel and style. By using illustrations to add personality to the website it creates user attention and engagement. From small and subtle illustrated details to completely illustrated backgrounds, we used many different approaches for the design. The idea was for the illustrations to establish the site’s purpose and help the overall user interaction.

Web Design

Establishing a partnership with the University of Arkansas we were able to achieve their goal of creating a more dynamic fan experience while users were searching for their team. We understood mobile was going to be extremely important so we designed a responsive website for phones, tablets and computers. Our creative and technical teams collaborated to come up with the endless scroll feature used on their site. We understood our target market uses social media platforms frequently so our team wanted to mirror the feel of a social media platform with the endless scroll. While trying to obtain a more interactive site our team integrated a twitter feed on the videos so fans could tweet directly from the video player. This overall design accomplished the University’s goal of getting users more involved.


We manage the ArkansasRazorbacks Search, Adwords & Retargeting Campaigns. Here is what the numbers are telling us:

Website: ArkansasRazorbacks.com

78% increase in Mobile traffic
70% increase in tickets revenue
42% increase in merchandise sales
77% increase in website ad sales

Numbers: August/September 2014 vs. August/September 2015

105% increase in Number of sessions
92% increase in Number of users
110% increase in Total sales
Making the University of Arkansas more profitable by thousands of dollars over the span of a regular football season.

Retargeting & Remarketing

We manage the Arkansas Razorbacks Search, Adwords & Retargeting Campaigns. Here is what the numbers are telling us:

campaign clicks Impressions CTR
Display Campaign 1489 989,148
Display Retargeting 3975 2,847,626
Display RLSA 862 81,205
Display Interest Campaign 138 111,164
Retargeting - General 4182 3,692,469
return on investment 97.68x

Server Infrastructure

4 Managed servers each consisting of the following:

Slice Size: RAM: 8GB x 3, vCPUs: 4 – Linux

Cloud OS: CentOS

All HVAC Systems N+2 Redundant

3 Cloud Load Balancers

3 SSD Servers

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